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Whistle While You Work: Tips For a Tidy Work Space

tidy workspace

I just love that scene in the classic Disney movie when Snow White tidies up the dwarfs’ cabin. She and her woodland creature friends take a dirty, disorganized space and make it sparkle – all in the length of time it takes to sing a catchy tune (it is Disney, after all).

In reality, getting organized may take a bit longer, leaving many of us to put it off. But with spring in bloom, you may find yourself itching to put things in good order – your workspace included. After all, an organized workspace can eliminate distractions and lead to a higher level of productivity.

Consider these simple tips:

Trash it: To be honest, there’s no way around this one. You will need to do an initial purge before you can truly organize. So crank up the music, pull out the shredder, and get down to it.

Box it up: Storage containers are your friend! Baskets, bins, even a colored container system can help keep your desk de-cluttered and essential documents safe. If you know where everything is, you’ll be better equipped to stay on task.

Divide to conquer: Even if you have a small workspace, you can still make room for different jobs. Try and separate your computer station from the place you sign papers or keep files to reference. This will help cut down on distractions between various tasks and allow you to work more efficiently.

Digitally de-clutter: Your computer may be just as messy, if not worse, than your physical workspace. Take time to clean up your desktop, deleting unnecessary files and placing the rest in an appropriate folder system. In addition, digital sticky notes and calendars can help with productivity.

So what are you waiting for? Apply the tips above to organize your workspace in a jiffy – and make any hard-working Disney maiden proud while you’re at it.

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  1. Linda Taylor says:

    It's hard when we get so busy to stay organized, but I find that just trying to "reset" at the end of the day, putting things back where they were that morning, helps to keep things manageable. Thank for sharing.

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