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In the legal field, most attorneys charge by the hour. Meanwhile, clients expect the best possible return on their legal investment.  For that reason, Donovan Reporting is now offering Deposition Summaries to those who are seeking ways to save their firm’s time and their client’s money.

What Is a Deposition Summary?

A Deposition Summary is an accurate, objective, and condensed clerical synopsis of the key points in a deposition transcript. The summary corresponds to the pages and lines of the original deposition. This makes it very simple to pinpoint the important details and cross-reference the verbatim transcript as needed.  You may download a sample summary by clicking here:

6 Big Benefits of Deposition Summaries

  1. Save time: Donovan Reporting’s Deposition Summaries enable your legal team to step out of the time-consuming summary process and allows them to focus on more critical matters such as case strategy, motion work, and trial preparation. Your summary can be available in as little as 24-48 hours after the transcript is complete.

  2. Minimize the deposition review process. Deposition Summaries accurately and concisely highlight important facts in an easy-to-reference format. This is especially valuable for lengthy depositions or cases requiring many depositions. Deposition Summaries are a valuable resource to legal teams and witnesses when time is scarce and/or memories need to be refreshed just prior to trial.

  3. Maintain HIPAA compliancy standards. Donovan Reporting’s Deposition Summaries are fulfilled using the highest security protocols and are HIPAA compliant. They are also ABA & NCRA approved. You can trust that your files and data are safe, every step of the way.

  4. Simplify paperwork and work more efficiently. While each summary is different, the transcript-to-deposition summary ratio tends to be about 10:1 pages. When minutes count, this simplifies the effort taken to locate key points in the transcript. Of course, Deposition Summaries are not intended to replace a full reading of the transcript, but are provided as a time-saving tool to help improve the efficiency of your legal team.

  5. Improve event-driven litigation efforts. Cases involving dense or technical testimony can greatly benefit from easy-to-read Deposition Summaries. For example, personal injury, DMV, property loss, workers compensation, Social Security, construction defect, toxic tort, commercial disputes, pharmaceutical & medical device, and examinations under oath (to name a few).

  6. Trust the experts. Donovan Reporting’s Deposition Summaries are prepared by highly trained and experienced attorneys, paralegals, and subject-matter experts with advanced degrees in English, business, science, and technology. The Summary team collaborates to deliver the most superior synopsis available.  It is important to note that your court reporter plays no role in preparing the Deposition Summary.

As a court reporting firm owner, it’s important to me to improve our clients’ deposition effectiveness and efficiency. The Deposition Summary is a product that streamlines both. For more information regarding this valuable tool, please call our office today 770-499-7499.

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