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National Court Reporting & Captioning Week

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Not every profession has a week honoring their tradition, but we do! February 15-21 is National Court Reporting & Captioning Week. At Donovan Reporting & Video Conferencing, we’ll take every opportunity to celebrate all that is involved with capturing the record. After all, ethical reporting is the foundation of our business!

In honor of this annual tradition, we’d like to remind our valued clients about the Donovan guarantee. At Donovan Reporting, we promise:

●      To treat you with honesty and integrity

●      To charge reasonable fees

●      To be familiar with and inform you of new technologies available in the industry

●      To provide quality transcripts delivered in a timely fashion in the format you choose

●      To be accurate, fair, and impartial, whether our hire is by choice or circumstance

As we celebrate the rich history of reporting & captioning, here are two resources that you might find helpful and interesting:

Making the Record, A Guide For Attorneys. According to the NCRA, Making the Record “provides numerous reminders and tips to help (attorneys) make a clear record. Many of them are common sense, but they are precisely the kinds of things that are often overlooked or forgotten during a trial or a deposition.” This guide is a great resource providing many important tips to ensure the best possible record is captured.deposition

National Court Reporters Foundation Participates in the Veteran’s History Project. This heartfelt story sheds light on some philanthropic work that court reporters are participating in to make a difference in the historical record of past wars. It’s a touching reminder that the written word holds an important role in our history. Read more about this interesting story here.

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At Donovan Reporting & Video Conferencing, we take pride in capturing the best possible record. On behalf of our staff and reporters, thank you for the opportunity to serve the Atlanta and North Georgia community for the past 24 years. It continues to be an honor!

Yours for ethical reporting,

court reportingLori T. Donovan, RMR, CRR
Certified Court Reporter

© 2-2015

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6 Responses to National Court Reporting & Captioning Week

  1. Lydia Cummings says:

    Wow a whole week….make it special.

  2. Gaye Johnson says:

    Happy National Court Reporting & Captioning Week! The Veterans History Project is especially touching and meaningful. It's so important to document those stories before they're lost forever.

  3. Court reporting is one profession that has a week honoring their tradition. National Court Reporting & Captioning Week is certainly a time to appreciate and honor the profession. Hope you had a good one too. Thanks for the share.

    • Lori says:

      Thanks, Jeannie. It is nice for the profession to be recognized this way. We did have a good week, and we hope you did as well.

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