It’s National Administrative Professionals Week!

National Administrative Professionals Week
With National Administrative Professionals Week fast approaching, I wanted to take a few moments out of my increasingly frantic schedule to share some words of homage to all of our hyper-organized, always helpful, multi-tasking friends on the front lines of busy law firms everywhere.
We all intuitively know how valuable all of you are to those you serve.  You help keep us organized, tend to daunting details, fend off disasters before they occur, help us make our clients feel important – the list goes on and on.  But to me, the most important and cherished value of an awesome administrative professional is simply lightening the burden and making life doable.
I personally extend my heart-felt thank you to all of you who do so much.  You rarely get the credit you deserve, but you simply smile and keep on giving.  Sometimes it is not until a truly valued administrative professional leaves for whatever reason that we fully appreciate the void which is created by their absence.
I hope that each and every one of you feels appreciated and valued on a consistent basis because you deserve nothing less!  So give yourself a pat on the back!  Take a bow!  Know how important you really are!
And please accept this honest and sincere expression when I say Happy Administrative Professionals Week to all of you for all you do!
From All Your Friends at Donovan Reporting!