Law Day – Celebrating Lifelines From Lawyers

Law Day


Law Day, May 1, is a day to celebrate the industry that Donovan Reporting has served for over 27 years.

In the past, I have talked a lot about the BIG things that lawyers have done, like changing public policy, fighting for women’s rights, making cars safer (think the GM ignition scandal), holding nursing homes accountable–the list seems practically endless. But there are also countless small stories unfolding in courtrooms and law offices on a daily basis where lawyers really change people’s lives. I’d like to celebrate those today, Law Day 2018.


Robert Kennedy justice

Real-life examples of the inspiring work that lawyers do every day:

  • Helping the wife and mother who desperately needs support when a spouse decides he no longer wants to be married.
  • Representing the car crash victim who is permanently disabled and needs ongoing round-the-clock care as a result of his injuries.
  • Representing a wrongfully accused individual who is arrested, jailed, and whose life is falling apart as a result.
  • Assisting the grandmother who has raised her grandchildren for 10 years to finally acquire legal guardianship.
  • Empowering the parents of a special needs child to pursue school services that are legally within their child’s rights but have been overlooked for 2 years.
  • Helping the family of a wrongful death victim secure damages that will cover childcare, education, and living expenses for three minor children.

Lawyers are lifeline

As Robert Kennedy said, Lawyers “have a continuing responsibility to uphold the fundamental principles of justice from which the law cannot depart.” From the above examples, one can begin to understand the important role lawyers play in our society. For many, the relationship with their lawyer is literally a lifeline. Many people do not truly appreciate the difference a dedicated and talented attorney can make until they really need one.

For these reasons, and so many more, I tip my hat to the attorneys who serve the people, every day. Thank you for your dedication to the letter (and spirit) of the law. Thank you for the ongoing effort to make sure that laws are followed and upheld by and for real people at all stations of the socioeconomic spectrum.

On Law Day, and every day, it is an honor and a privilege to provide excellence-driven deposition solutions to our clients and the legal community at large. Thank you for that opportunity.

Happy Law Day!