Donovan Reporting wishes all of our clients and the legal community at large a HAPPY LAW DAY!

May 1 is National Law Day. Donovan Reporting salutes all the lawyers out there who work hard for social justice! Over the years, I’ve noticed that when the general public speaks about lawyers, whether it’s a social setting, business meeting, or in any number of situations, lawyers are oftentimes viewed negatively. In honor of Law Day, I am pleased to take this opportunity to help shed light on some great contributions that lawyers make each day to positively impact our world.

Law Day

Lawyers Leave a Positive Footprint on Our Culture By:

  • Improving product safety. From airbags and seatbelts, to children’s toys and packaging, to appliances and home wiring, to yard equipment and lawnmowers – lawyers lead the charge in improving product safety. Their collective efforts help keep the products we buy safe for consumption and use. When risks are identified, lawyers are often the first line of defense to protect the public interest.
  • Upholding superior standards for medical providers and other professionals.
  • While most professionals are competent, dedicated, and effective, when something does go awry and/or malpractice occurs, lawyers are often the only ones who can help right a wrong and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. This often results in new policies and safeguards which help change the course for the better.
  • Empowering victims. Many lawyers dedicate their entire careers to helping victims of gender violence, hate crimes, and domestic abuse. In addition, they protect at-risk populations, including the elderly, mentally and physically challenged, and children who desperately need a voice and an advocate.
  • Finding restitution. Lawyers provide a legal shield which protects those impacted by theft, personal crimes, or other injustices. Many lawyers invest their blood, sweat, and tears to protect the rights of those they represent each day.
  • Affecting social change. When norms of the past are no longer valid in the current society, lawyers invest days, weeks, months, and even years writing laws which change policy, thereby serving the public good.


As a court reporting firm owner, I have a unique vantage point  when it comes to lawyers and the footprint they leave on our society. Deposition and hearing transcripts document these and many other examples of their life-giving efforts. It is truly national be kind to lawyers day an honor to work alongside such smart, passionate, dedicated, and giving professionals on a daily basis. For those reasons, and more, I’d like to extend a hearty and Happy Law Day to every lawyer out there who is making a positive change in our world. Truth be told, I think Lawyers are Great!

Say thank you to a lawyer today!


court reporting atlantaSincerely,

Lori T. Donovan, RMR, CRR Certified Court Reporter