Giving Back With A Grateful Heart

Giving Back with a Grateful Heart 

As a business owner, I will always be grateful to my first cheerleaders – the friends and family who supported my decision to start Donovan Reporting over 25 years ago. Adele Grubbs was my very first client. She encouraged me to go out on my own at a time when not nearly as many women were doing so. Adele believed in me.
Tragically, her daughter Alexis was killed in a car accident in 1998, just before the start of her senior year at Marietta High School. Through their grief, the Grubbs family knew they wanted to honor their amazing daughter in a lasting way. That same year, with the help of the Cobb County Bar Association and the Cobb County Legal Secretaries Association, they started the Alexis Grubbs Memorial Scholarship.
The scholarship is awarded to students at Marietta High School or the Performance Learning Center who intend to pursue a legal career. To be considered students must be bright, compassionate, wholesome, respectful, courteous, unselfish, family oriented, and focused – words used to describe Alexis herself. I will always be amazed at how Adele and her family turned something tragic into something positive for so many young students.

To date, 35 students have been selected for the Alexis Grubbs Memorial Scholarship, attending colleges such as The University of Georgia, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Kennesaw State, to name a few. Each year, the Cobb County Bar Association hosts the Alexis Grubbs Memorial Golf Tournament to support the scholarship. The Grubbs family, friends, and members of the community turn out to raise funds for this special cause.
On September 12, the 19th Annual Alexis Grubbs Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Brookstone Country Club. It is my honor to have Donovan Reporting play a role in supporting the tournament, as we have every year since its inception. It is one small way I can show my support for someone who did the same for me. In fact, the tournament is an example of what I love most about our local legal community – the support in both good times and bad. After all, what are friends for?
Interested in learning more about the tournament? Click here and make plans to join us!