Celebrating Court Reporting

court reporting week 2018Updated: February 12, 2018

February 10-17 is National Court Reporting & Captioning Week. For the past 27 years, unbiased and ethical reporting has been the foundation of Donovan Reporting’s business model. Thanks for the opportunity to capture the record; we appreciate and celebrate your ongoing trust!

National Court Reporters Association

Donovan Reporting is a proud member of the National Court Reporters Association. According to the NCRA’s Making the Record: Solutions for Today and for the Future, court reporters:

  1. are partners and agents in reducing costs and bringing efficiencies to the courts
  2. are officers of the court and are held to higher ethical standards than their untrained transcriptionist counterparts
  3. provide fully searchable, annotatable transcripts, which saves valuable time and money to all engaged in the court systems
  4. greatly simplify the process of redaction when confidential information must be concealed
  5. uphold the highest ethical standards when capturing the official record and are obsessively committed to the accuracy of the record
  6. are uniquely qualified to guarantee that all participants in the judicial process are provided their right to a reliable, accurate, verbatim record


Donovan Reporting Promises:

  1. To treat you with honesty and integrity
  2. To charge reasonable fees
  3. To be familiar with and inform you of new technologies available in the industry
  4. To provide quality transcripts delivered in a timely fashion in the format you prefer
  5. To be accurate, fair, and impartial, whether our hire is by choice or circumstance


Thank You!

At Donovan Reporting & Video Conferencing, we take pride in capturing the best possible record. On behalf of our staff and reporters, thank you for the opportunity to serve the Atlanta and North Georgia community for the past 27 years. It continues to be an honor!

Yours for ethical court reporting,
court reporting atlanta

Lori T. Donovan, RMR, CRR
Certified Court Reporter