Celebrate America’s Freedom and the System That Protects It

america's freedom
This month, we as Americans celebrate independence. Over the past 242 years, our country has grown from just a small group of revolutionary patriots to leaders of the free world.  We have much to celebrate!  And we think you, the fine professionals who make up the American legal system, are among the reasons why.  Our country wouldn’t be where it is today without the judicial system, and everyone in the legal profession plays an integral part in providing liberty and justice for all.


On many days, it’s hard not to let our jobs in the litigation setting bring us down. We often come into contact with people during very dark times in their lives.  But what makes America the Land of the Free is the fact that our nation’s exemplary court system upholds the Constitution each and every day. It helps for us to remember that, especially on those darker days.
Celebrate America's Freedom


So, in honor of our nation’s birthday, I thought I’d take us on a trip down memory lane as to why America is here in the first place. Check out these fun (and informational) facts about the history of our courts:


A good start – America’s founders wasted no time planning for a three-branch government, providing checks and balances to uphold their vision. In 1787, at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, the framework for today’s judicial system was established.


A traveling act – For 145 years, The Supreme Court did not have a home of its own. Instead, it moved from city to city until eventually residing in the D.C. area where it then moved from building to building. That continued until 1929 when then Chief Justice William Taft urged Congress to construct a permanent building. It was built in 1935 and is still home to our highest court in the land.


It’s all in the numbers – Around 7,500 requests are sent to the Supreme Court each year. However, they only consider around 150 cases important enough to review.


Judicial Review shapes our nation – The Supreme Court’s authority to overrule both state and federal laws that conflict with the Constitution has throughout its history played a major role in steering the course of our country’s progress.  Take the very important examples of civil rights, women’s rights, and the right to counsel, just to name a few.


Since 1787 to the present day, from local courtrooms to the Supreme Court in Washington D.C, the judicial system in America continues to protect our freedoms. As we celebrate our nation’s independence, all of us at Donovan Reporting celebrate all you do to make this country the great nation that it is.


However you choose to spend your Independence Day, Donovan Reporting wishes you a happy and safe holiday!


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