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4 Reasons Why Exhibeo™ Is Right for Your Next Deposition

How much time do you spend preparing for the average deposition? All that copying, sorting, stapling, and shipping can leave little time for else – like quality control. But what if I told you there was a better way? Donovan … Continue reading

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Tune In to What Really Matters

  Last week was unseasonably warm in the South. It was so nice I didn’t even need a coat – in January! What a wonderful way to start a new year. The sun was shining as I drove to the … Continue reading

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Cooking Up Holiday Cheer at Donovan Reporting

While there are many wonderful “ingredients” to a perfect Christmas holiday, one of my favorites is preparing those special, delicious, tried-and-true recipes for my family and friends! So the other day, when I stopped by my daughter Erin’s house, I … Continue reading

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Take Action During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Means Action I’m willing to wager that each of you know or are aware of someone affected by this frightening and     life-changing disease. Either way, a wake-up call is in order!  Did you know?  About one … Continue reading

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Words to the Wise: Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

  What was your favorite subject in school? Was it history? Maybe science? What about grammar? While grammar may not be the most glamorous subject, don’t underestimate its importance. Words are powerful, and when used incorrectly, they can send an … Continue reading

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Donovan Reporting wishes all of our clients and the legal community at large a HAPPY LAW DAY!

May 1 is National Law Day. Donovan Reporting salutes all the lawyers out there who work hard for social justice! Over the years, I’ve noticed that when the general public speaks about lawyers, whether it’s a social setting, business meeting, … Continue reading

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Celebrating 25 Years with a New Adventure

In 1991, I was in need of a job.  The Honorable Tom Cauthorn, for whom I had served as official court reporter for the preceding 12 years, announced he was leaving the bench to enter the world of private practice, … Continue reading

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3 Important Ethical Responsibilities of Every Court Reporter

Star Wars is coming! Good versus evil… Right versus wrong… Those both make interesting fodder for Hollywood blockbusters; most of us rally for the good guy (or gal) because he respects the norms of society and seeks justice for cultural … Continue reading

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Comma? Period? Semicolon? Punctuation Tips To Get It Right, Every Time

As a court reporting firm owner, my life’s work involves countless words on endless pages. I find great value in well-written communication. Likewise, poor grammar is a pet peeve. Over the years, friends and colleagues have looked to me as … Continue reading

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