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Cameo Brings Flexibility to Your Schedule

Imagine this:  You’re sitting on the beach, enjoying a few more hours with your family before you head back home for a critical deposition. Sound familiar?

What if you didn’t have to go? What if you could duck into a quiet place in your vacation home or hotel and attend the deposition remotely?

Now you can with Cameo™ by Remote Counsel, the mobile video conferencing service specifically designed for the legal industry. While video conferencing is not new, Cameo™ stands apart from the rest. Legal proceedings are sensitive in nature, and Cameo™ was created with this in mind.

Consider the following features:

  • Security – Simply connect from anywhere with an Internet or Wi-Fi connection using a laptop and webcam. Cameo™ streams privately in real time, does not carry the risk of malware infections, and does not use computing or network resources to route other users’ calls.
  • Reliability – Cameo™ is a professional grade service that doesn’t sacrifice quality or convenience. A personal, professional technician is readily available to ensure each scheduled deposition runs smoothly from start to finish.
  • Simplicity – Featuring universal connectivity, Cameo™ is accessible using a PC, Mac, VC Unit, or phone.

What’s more, Cameo™ is now available with screen sharing. With this option, you can share documents, photos, videos, and more with your secure connection. Documents can even be annotated during the deposition.

At Donovan Reporting, we work to provide our clients with the latest in court reporting technology. We believe Cameo™ is a vital service that will save you time and money while maintaining a high level of security, something you won’t find with other services.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call today or click here to get started. Then pack a bag and enjoy your summer!

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