7 Timesaving Tips From Your Court Reporting Firm

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As a court reporting firm owner, each day brings a whole host of action items and goals. It can be challenging to prioritize and tackle our ever-growing list. These days, it’s passé to say that every minute counts. Nowadays, every second counts as we race to complete our long list of daily tasks.

I’m always looking for ways to cut down the number of strikes my fingers must make across the keyboard. (Remember, court reporters pride themselves on capturing as many as 300 words per minute – efficiency, in our world, is a must!)

Here are seven time-saving tricks from your court reporter which will help you save time on your next web search:

  1. Scrolling through websites: To scroll down, forget about using your mouse and the scroll bar. Simply hit the space bar to jump down a page. Want to go back up? Hold down the SHIFT key and hit the space bar at the same time, and you jump right back up where you were. So much faster than that pesky mouse!
  2. Completing forms: When completing forms, use the TAB key to jump from field to field. SHIFT-TAB to go backwards.
  3. Avoiding the drop-down: When filling in your state, don’t bother with the drop-down menu. Just type the first letter of your state. If you are lucky enough to live in a state like Georgia or Florida where there is only one state beginning with G or F, you’re done. If you live in a state like Alabama or Arkansas, just keep hitting the first letter of your state until the correct state appears.
  4. Sizing it right: If the text on your screen is too small, just hit CONTROL + to make the text larger. CONTROL – (minus) to make it smaller again.
  5. Defining words: Not only is Google a great search engine, it’s a dictionary! Simply type “define” followed by the word you want to define. Example: define efficiency. You don’t even have to hit ENTER. The definition just appears below.court reporting
  6. Confirming flights: Simply type airline (United, Delta, Southwest, etc.) followed by the flight #. Within seconds your flight information will appear along with the status of the flight.court reporting
  7. Scheduling a deposition: (This is my personal favorite!)  To save time when scheduling a deposition, place this link on your desktop. Then you’re just a few clicks away from having a confirmation email with your deposition details right at your fingertips! http://donovanreporting.com/schedule.html

I hope these tidbits prove helpful as you are tending to the many action items on your list. If you have other secrets pertaining to tech shortcuts, please let me know by sending them to ltd@donovanreporting.com.

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Lori T. Donovan, RMR, CRR
Certified Court Reporter


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