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7 Strategic Benefits of Realtime Court Reporting

realtime court reporting

When it comes to litigation effectiveness, whether in the deposition room or courtroom, savvy lawyers agree that realtime court reporting offers a strong strategic advantage.

Important note: Realtime is NOT “business as usual.” If realtime is preferred, work with experienced and specially trained realtime reporters who are proficient with realtime software. Also, if you don’t have access to a laptop or simply prefer not to add a laptop to your checklist of necessary items, seek a reporting firm willing to provide one for your use. The experience and service of your court reporter will pay dividends down the road!

 7 Strategic Benefits of Realtime Court Reporting

  1. Immediate access to verbal testimony. Realtime reporting allows all parties in the “war” room (counsel, house counsel, co-counsel, client, clerks, experts and legal assistants) to have up‑to‑the‑minute laptop access to rough copy transcripts.
  2. Laser precision during litigation. Some lawyers admit (albeit confidentially and off-the-record) that they lose focus during objections, questions by counsel, recesses, etc. This can be extremely frustrating. Realtime solves this problem because it allows all parties to immediately scroll up to previous questions and/or answers with a quick stroke of the keyboard.  For this reason alone, realtime may well be the best invention since the stenograph machine!
  3. Swift rephrase. If a question asked is cited as “objection to form,” realtime provides the capability to immediately see the question and make subtle changes to rephrase the objectionable portion of the question without sacrificing critical content.
  4. Private marking capabilities. Litigation is a dynamic process with many moving parts. Realtime allows all parties to privately make notes next to the actual testimony so that critical action items can be remembered at a later time. This can all be accomplished without divulging strategy to opposing counsel!
  5. Getting the answer to the question you actually asked.  Every attorney has experienced the frustration of having a witness respond to a question with a rambling narrative which really has little to do with the question asked.  With a realtime transcription right in front of you, the question may be repeated without having the reporter read back, and even better, the attorney can go through the long answer paragraph by paragraph for further clarification if needed.  This technique can prove to be a priceless advantage.
  6. Quick summary and indexing. Realtime enables valuable content to be applied to the next witness, court session, or deposition.
  7. Litigation software synchronization. Once the certified transcript is received, each party has the capability of synchronizing their unique marks, notes, and issue coding made during the proceedings with the certified transcript loaded on their litigation software.


These are just a few reasons why realtime court reporting provides a strategic advantage to the litigation process. If you are interested in leveraging realtime for your next deposition or court session, make sure to request realtime when scheduling with your experienced and service‑oriented reporting firm.

Yours for strategic litigation solutions,

realtime court reporting

Lori T. Donovan, RMR, CRR
Certified Court Reporter


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  1. Thank you for this informative post.In this post you have highlighted the benefits of real time court reporting which provide advantages to the litigation process.Nowadays, the court reporter uses computer or other mobile device to receive the real time. Every word of testimony is transcribed and streamed in real time. With real time providing the complete capture of testimony, the legal team is well positioned .

  2. Lori says:

    Thanks for your input, Lindsay. Realtime reporting is an important offering nowadays.

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